"Coaching empowers the coachee (or team) to take responsibility of their current situation, choose how to relate to it and take action to create or change things and ultimately create something more meaningful."

Sir John Whitmore


Leadership Coaching is based on a set of focused goal orientated conversations in which the individual (coachee) is supported, challenged and stretched to learn and develop in order to unlock their potential as leaders in ways that benefits themselves, their teams and organisation. My style of coaching combines theories from organisational psychology and anthropology


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Team coaching is aimed at improving team dynamics and business performance. Like individual coaching, it sets out to challenge teams to become self aware of their current behaviours and culture in order to develop a culture of high performance though collaboration and ability to learn and share. The outcome is to create a culture that is aligned in values, vision and the objectives of the organisation. Moving out of a silo’d mindset and into a collaborative and learning mindset is crucial in managing change successfully and becoming high performing.


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360 Cultural Audit aims to understand your organisational culture from an anthropological and qualitative point of view. This can enable leaders to gain a deep level understanding of the tacit cultural processes that shape behaviour, thinking and communications between teams. The understanding and insights gained through this process are used to create strategies which will lead to high performing teams based on a cultural mindset of collaboration and learning.


Examples of a 360° Cultural Audit include:


  • Mapping internal perceptions of your organisational culture through qualitative interview and workshops.

  • Interviews with external stakeholders

  • Ethnographic observations that understand how teams work, communicate and collaborate in order to develop 

  • Insight Research Review of your existing research data relating to your brand and customer experience in order to improve the ways in which customer insights are used to develop strategies around brand, marketing. sales and NPD.


C School  develops teams to be collaborative by learning how to create new insights about their consumers or organisation culture. They learn to transform insights into actions that shape future strategies and working practices It helps transform team cultures from being 'knowing' to constantly 'learning' about their consumers, each other, stakeholders and market trends. 


The C School   is a programme which specialises in empowering teams to use anthropological approaches to unlock actionable insights to develop new customer experiences through brand, marketing and NPD strategies. 


By learning to walk in the shoes of their customers and stakeholders, teams learn to challenge their often siloed point of view and organisational and brand values. They become more collaborative in engaging with and using customer insights. 


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I facilitate workshops to support executives and senior leaders to identify, action and implement key value propositions that will develop their organisational culture.  My expertise in group dynamics and organisational culture provides exec teams with an external set of eyes that will challenge them in order for them to feel empowered to navigate and manage new culture change strategies.

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As a business anthropologist I also have my finger on the pulse of customer trends. I have 20 years experience leading global qualitative and ethnographic consumer research. 

Explore how we create value for business through a selection of our past successes for our clients including Coca Cola, Channel 4, Hallmark and Cancer Research UK.


I design and facilitate internal brainstorming, strategy and ideation sessions with the aim of stimulating innovative thinking, creating alignment between different internal stakeholders and helping develop actionable outcomes in relation to customer experience, marketing strategy, NPD and brand vision. All facilitated workshops are contracted so that a set of actionable next steps are delivered.

I also provides consultancy to support brands and agencies through expert opinion relating to cultural trends that shape consumer culture. 


I develop strategic white papers that are based on robust research and cultural analysis. They are structured to provide my clients with insight on their market and consumers, while constructively challenging their perceptions. Each paper offers a set of recommendations relating to my clients' brand, marketing and innovation strategy. Recent papers have been for a global food company on the future of street food and for a global architect firm on the future of work and office design.