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The Value of Coaching 

Coaching provides a constructive space where individuals or teams can explore, be challenged and stretched in order to uncover their full potential. Through creative dialogue, it explores possible avenues of personal and professional growth and development. 

My style of coaching is performance-focused. It combines theories from positive psychology and the social sciences. This enables a holistic and systemic approach to working through business challenges and exploring individual professional development. I like to see the coaching relationship as a productive and structured conversation with clear goals and actions. 

Coaching supports individuals or teams to navigate through uncertainty and change by helping them understand the deeper, dynamic processes at work. It facilitates leaders and teams to identify and nurture their unique culture and ensure that it empathetic, engaging and proactive. Coaching enables leaders to aligned their company values with their culture  and the values of their customers.


Organisational conflict and silo thinking creates barriers that stifle collaboration. A collaborative culture is key to innovation and the overall wellbeing of employees. Coaching focuses on developing high functioning and collaborative cultures by helping leaders and teams to feel confident and safe in identifying conflict points, understanding why they exist and how to dismantle them through culture change.

The Value of Coaching

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance.

It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Sir John Whitmore

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individual coaching
Individual Coaching

Individual coaching focuses on developing awareness of the coachee’s professional skills and approach to leadership. It works to unlock the potential that the coachee has in order to maximise their performance. Individual coaching emphasises the importance of the coachee learning in order to build on their leadership style. Individual coaching also provides a constructive space to plan for and manage culture change or specific business and workplace challenges.

How it Works


Face-to-face sessions with the coachee lasting for 90mins -  this usually works out as one session per month.


On-line (Zoom) sessions lasting 1 hour every two weeks.

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Team Coaching
Team Coaching

Systemic team coaching focuses on improving team culture and its effectiveness, performance and purpose. I work with the whole team and with individual team members to develop their collective leadership style, to navigate change and uncertainty and to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups. 

Whilst team coaching programmes are bespoke, each is broadly structured around the following four stages: 



Establishing the overall coaching objectives with the client and team leader and team

  • Individual and joint meetings with client and team leader
  • Kick off session with team to share coaching process and define general goals


Culture Audit

Deep dive understanding of team culture holistically

  • One-to-one sessions with each team member to establish personal objectives and perceptions of working culture.
  • Observational research in team meetings, workshops and daily routines

  • Background materials - values, policies and history of organisations.



Over 3-12 months to work towards coaching goals and to establish actions to define and embed new working practices.

  • Each session identifies goals and objectives for specific sessions
  • Periodical revisit of overall goals set out in stage 1

  • Working through challenges and barriers to meet specific and overall goals.



To ensure sustainable development and embedding of actions. 

  • Review meetings with client and team leader to review the implementation of actions agreed in stage 3 and identify any challenges that needs to be worked through
  • Additional individual coaching sessions can be offered to team leaders as well as individual team members in order to support them in meeting the agreed actions.

I run team coaching using a combination of face-to-face or on-line sessions via zoom. In addition to my team coaching approach I also offer:

Team training

a process during which the team learns new skills and abilities that become part of their cultural tool-kit. For example, how to embed a customer centric mindset at the core of your culture 

Team facilitation

a process whereby a team need to achieve an outcome to a specific business challenge.

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Caochin Packages and pricing
Coaching Packages and Pricing 

We would be happy to discuss your particular needs and the options which would be open to you. This could include helping you identify what you as an individual or as a team leader are looking for, the types of coaching packages which could be developed and the corresponding price/ price range / fees.

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