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Leading with culture may be among the few sources of sustainable competitive advantage left to companies today.

Harvard Business Review

We have helped some of the worlds most successful brands to create new opportunities and mitigate risk by unlocking the value of culture.

Our Services


Organisational Transformation

Many business leaders come to us because they are struggling to align their vision for their organisation with internal day-to-day working reality. They might feel their organisations lack shared values, teams find it difficult to collaborate and are siloed, or are simply aware of an internal issue without being able to identify what or why it exists. These are common problems that afflict may organisations and lead to working environments that are less productive, less focussed on common objectives, less exciting and fulfilling for employees, and ultimately less successful.


Using anthropological thinking, coaching, and facilitation we help organisations to identify and break through the institutional and interpersonal barriers that damage the capabilities of a business. Working in collaboration with our clients we decode and reshape the hidden cultural structures that influence how people work, collaborate, and communicate to create high performing and successful organisational cultures.



Understanding the world of your customer.

Many of the organisations today understand the importance of placing the customer at core of their decision making process. Most however, find it hard to really understand the rich detail of their customers lives, what drives their choices, and how this aligns with the capabilities of the business. This means it can be a struggle to make a meaningful connection between your organisation and your customers.


With over 20 years experience we have been using our expertise in the human sciences to bring the complex world of our clients’ customers into sharp focus - decoding (understanding) the forces that shape customer needs and behaviours, to identify the moments in the customer experience that really matter and define areas of opportunity and innovation.



C School

For over two decades we have been working with organisations to solve business challenges through the Human Sciences. During this time we have found that true value is created from not just delivering great insights, but embedding a way of thinking within our clients’ organisations that is focussed on the effect of internal and customer culture on their business - we call this the Anthropological Mindset.


We have developed a systematic approach to the Anthropological Mindset called C School. C School is a training program that teaches organisations the practical and theoretical principles of understanding culture and human behaviour. Using a tool kit which draws on from the human sciences, cultural anthropology and service design, C School gives organisations the internal capability to decode culture, unlocking the potential to solve business problems, drive change, and create growth.


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