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As one of the pioneers of business anthropology I specialise in making organisations purpose led, people centric and highly productive in order to achieve sustainability and growth. 

I combine my expertise in the social sciences with executive coaching, team systemic coaching and process consulting to work with senior leaders and their teams to develop dynamic and collaborative organisational cultures that connect their values with those of their employees, consumers and wider stakeholders

I hold a PhD in Social Anthropology and have formal training in executive coaching (EMCC EQA), systemic team coaching, facilitation, organisational process consulting, qualitative research and group psychoanalysis. I am a guest lecturer at Cass Business School in marketing and a Visiting Scholar at the Royal College of Art in design anthropology. I am a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), a TEDx speaker and my thinking and work has appeared in the Financial Times and other media.

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I give key note talks on a number of cultural topics relating to Organisational Culture, Leadership, Innovation, Consumer Trends, Customer Centricity Anthropology, Architecture & Design.

To book me to give a talk to your company go to contacts to arrange a chat.



May 2019

Creating a Customer Centric Culture

Knauf Insulation Marketing & Sales Conference, Belgrade

June 2018

Finding The Peacock: The Rise of Male Nationalism

Cultural Insight Forum at Mother Ad Agency

June 2017

Moving from an ‘Insight Anxiety’ Culture to a ‘Solution Thinking’ Culture

Marks & Spencer’s Insight Festival

July 2014

Office Space Design through Anthropological Thinking

Royal College of Art (RCA)

Oct 2018

Embracing Conflict: Designing for Culture

Service Design Days, Barcelona

June 2018

Becoming a Customer Centric Organisation

Cass Business School, MBA Course

March 2017

Why Culture is Messy and Why That's Good


July 2014

Behaviour Change, Consumer Culture and the Importance of Anthropology

Kimberly Clark

Sept 2018

Male Allies: How To Be a Powerful Advocate for Inclusion


June 2017

Anthropological Insights to Value Propositions

Knauf, General Managers Meeting, Croatia

June 2016

Deconstructing Cultural Mess: How Anthropology works in Innovation

J.Walter Thompson (JWT)

Sept 2013

Big Data or Big Ethnographic Data?: Positioning Big Data within the Ethnographic Space

Royal Institute of Great Britain, Ethnographic Praxis in Industry (EPIC)

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